What is IPObase? – all about IPOs in simple terms, in one place

IPObase.com was founded in 2017 by active users of investing communities on Reddit with the mission of gathering and simplifying complex financial information about IPOs. To save time spent on browsing through many financial mass media, brokerage, government, academic etc. websites.

Collaborative, real-time updates and fact checking

We rely on community members who review articles for accuracy, relevance, timeliness and make sure that only the most current and reputable primary references are used. Many users constantly monitor a variety of trusted information sources (besides English also in German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish) for the latest IPO news. Sometimes we contact service providers or organizations directly when we need to confirm details (eligibility criteria, availability etc).

IPObase offers all the information an investor may need to buy IPO stocks, including company background, terms, company contacts and valuation data.

We leverage community experience and technology to deliver reliable information about high-profile IPOs and help you to make decisions.