The first startup Bolt, an Uber competitor, was worth 7.5 billion euros in the last round.

The second startup Bolt - a payment system - was worth $12 billion in the last round.

The third startup Bolt, recently raised a $55 million round.

The essence of the Canadian project Bolt is full-service delivery for online retailers. In the real world Bolt stores, packages and transports goods. In the virtual world, it integrates with Amazon, Shopify and other platforms in order to make it as easy and convenient as possible for vendors, while ensuring that customers receive their packages without unnecessary delays.

Bolt didn't invent this business model. But with a name like that, it makes perfect sense: it wasn't the first Bolt that invented the taxi-calling app, and it wasn't the second Bolt that invented payment acceptance.

The third Bolt is different in its market because, firstly, it started in Canada - there was probably less competition initially. Secondly, now, when it enters the States, the startup is emphasising its eco-friendliness - delivering packages in electric vans instead of conventional cars.  With a name like that, everything will work out for sure!